The Inscription Era aims to become a decentralized ecosystem financial platform based on the Web3 of the Internet. Its mission is to create a truly decentralized financial ecosystem and community system, and to innovate the user experience through digital gaming competition. Participants can build their own communities, engage in immersive decentralized gaming competitions, and engrave their unique 'inscriptions' in the gaming ecosystem. The eternal vitality of the project lies in the creation and exploration, immersive enjoyment, and unique WEB3 inscription ecosystem dividends.

Part One


The eternal vitality lies in creation and exploration, immersive enjoyment, and the unique WEB3 inscription ecosystem dividends!


Part Two

Infinite possibilities

In April 2020, the emergence of DeFi marked the greatest financial invention in human history—a super revolution against centralized finance, as well as a super wealth-building revolution. Assets like YEI (Uncle YEI), SHIB (Shiba Inu Coin), and numerous DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) forms became the super representatives of this revolution. Simultaneously, a prolonged competition and in-depth exploration unfolded for WEB3 projects related to GameFi, MeTa, and NFT. In early December 2023, assets themed around 'Inscription' once again ignited the wealth creation myth. Assets like SATS and ORDI, representing 'Inscription' sparked market enthusiasm and propelled Bitcoin to new highs since April 2022.


Part Three

Project origin

The 'Inscription Era' is a decentralized financial platform founded by Ukrainian developer Alex Hrankin. Alex has previously worked in the strategic consulting department of the globally renowned company McKinsey & Company and the strategic department of the European software company Ciklum. He has also been involved in the Web3 space, managing ecosystem relations for the NFTFi project VeraNFT, backed by Animoca Brands. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, Alex relocated to Singapore. In 2023, he established the Inscription Era, collaborating with Singapore's Huaying Fund, Malaysia&aposs Spob System, and several communities in the Greater China region, such as Sanjiu System and Ruian Community, to jointly create a decentralized financial platform for the Inscription ecosystem.

Ecosystem 1
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Joyful Guessing Fun: A WEB3-based competitive gaming system.

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Ecosystem 2
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Happy Hide and Seek: A large-scale multiplayer real-time online strategy competitive game


Inscription Era


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